Against the Tide

Daoud, a young Lebanese gentleman, while attending a university in France, volunteered for a search and rescue trip to China after the devastating quake that ravaged the nation.

While there, Daoud found himself in a most unfortunate circumstance. He was trapped beneath the rubble of a building after a tremor wrought more damage to a place already in ruin. He suffered from severe injuries and was losing a lot of blood; there he met a woman named Susan, a young lady who was also on a volunteer mission. Susan pulled him out of the rubble, stopped the bleeding from his injuries, and kept him company while waiting for rescue.

Daoud had already passed out when the rescue team found them. He awoke several weeks later but he never got to see the woman who took care of him.

He looked for her, but his search never got him anywhere. Until, several months later, two of his friends found a connection to Susan. She had left a message for him with a nurse who worked at the Chinese hospital they stayed in.

What follows is the story of these two individuals – a love story that spans not only miles in distance but in culture and family history as well. History, drama, and romance come into play in this touching and inspiring novel.